Happy Father’s Day 2017

Happy Father’s Day 2017

I just wanted to write a quick thank you to all the Dads out there.  Hope that you have a great day making some special memories with your kids, your parents, or whoever the special people are in your life.

Happy Father’s Day 2017

Every day we’re out there as an example to our sons for the type of man they should grow up to be.  This photo is from our trip to Stockholm in January 2017 where we stayed at the Hilton Stockholm Slussen.

Flight to Sweden with Timmy January 2017
Flight to Sweden with Timmy in January 2017

And we’re also showing our daughters what type of man they should date and marry as they grow up.  Scarlett and I took our first trip together when she was 21 months old.  We took a long weekend in Milwaukee to explore the city and stay at the new Kimpton Journeyman.

Milwaukee with Scarlett January 2017
Milwaukee Public Market with Scarlett January 2017

And to all the Moms…

Without you, we would never be able to experience the joys of being a Dad.  We love you and thank you for everything that you do to support us on our Fatherhood journey!

Fathers Day Weekend flight to Cabo with Anna June 2017
Enjoying a trip with Anna for my 42nd birthday.
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