An Introduction to

An Introduction to

Welcome to  My name is Lee and I travel all over the world with my young children.  I’m married, but my wife doesn’t get as much vacation time as I do, so she encourages me to travel with our children.

There are plenty of family travel sites from a Mom’s perspective, but few from a Dad’s point of view… especially when the Dad is traveling without the support of the kid’s Mom.  My goal is to inspire and educate all the Dads that traveling solo with your children is both possible AND rewarding.

Kimpton Seafire Coccoloba Daddy and Timmy
Timmy and me at the Kimpton Seafire in Grand Cayman in April 2017

I also blog at

I do have another blog called that is focused on traveling using airline miles and hotel points.  Those loyalty rewards allow me to travel the world at a fraction of what everyone else pays.

But this site is not about that.

Jekyll Island Scarlett beach
Scarlett basking in the awesomeness at Holiday Inn Resort Jekyll Island in April 2017.

The Focus of SoloTravelDad

The focus on is on the experience of traveling with your children.  Some trips will be paid for in cash, but most will be paid for using miles & points.  On occasion, I will also seek out sponsored posts, stays, and activities to help us explore the world while staying within our travel budget.

Dad Says

At the end of each post, I will summarize the main points of the post and impart a little “Fatherly Advice” from the perspective of a Dad that loves to travel.  I hope that you’ll join us on this journey and start your own travel journeys with your family.  It can be scary traveling without your wife, but you can do it.  And, I’m here to help.

You’re invited to join our exclusive (free) Facebook group to meet other like-minded Dads where we discuss the latest travel tips, news, strategies for traveling with kids.

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