SAS Kids Fly Free Promotion

SAS Kids Fly Free Promotion

Traveling with our kids has been one of the greatest joys in my life.  Unfortunately, even though kids don’t take up much room, the airlines still charge full price for a child’s seat on the airplane.  So, when I read about the SAS Kids Fly Free Promotion, I became really excited.

SAS Kids Fly Free promotion. Stockholm Arlanda Airport Junibacken playground
Timmy playing in the Junibacken playground inside Stockholm Arlanda Airport in January 2017.

Do Kids Fly Free?

In the United States, kids fly free from birth until they turn two years old.  Once they turn two, then you need to buy them a ticket.

And don’t think you can fool the airlines by lying about your kid’s age.  Even when your child is a newborn, they will request a birth certificate when you check in for your flight.

Some parents choose to buy their children seats before they have to so that the baby or toddler has more room to move around.  However, I’m pretty frugal, and we didn’t start buying tickets for our kids until we had to.  In fact, in the months leading up to our kids turning 2 years old, we flew almost every weekend because we knew we’d soon be buying additional tickets for the kid.

SAS Kids Fly Free Promotion

With the SAS Kids Fly Free promotion, each adult can bring up to 8 children with them to Sweden, Denmark, Norway, or Finland.  Children have to be 11 years or younger to be eligible for this promotion.

You will need to buy an adult ticket, but each child is only charged the cost of taxes.

SAS Kids Fly Free. Flying SAS to Stockholm January 2017
Flying SAS to Stockholm January 2017

Kids Fly Free Promotion Details

For this promotion, you have to book your flights by October 5, 2017, for travel between November 1 through December 19, 2017 or January 8 through May 31, 2018.

You may depart from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Newark, or Washington, DC to cities served by SAS in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, or Finland.

Children must be accompanied by a passenger who is at least 16 years old.  The site does say that children ages 6-11 can also travel as unaccompanied minors, so there are a few conflicting details.

I can imagine what kind of disaster it would be for a 16-year-old to watch 8 kids under the age of 12!!!  Heck, I wouldn’t even want an adult to fly solo with 8 kids under the age of 12.

All children must have their own passport.  Don’t worry, it is totally easy to apply for a child’s passport.  And I recommend that all kids get Global Entry to speed up their wait through customs when re-entering the US.

You need to have a letter of consent signed by the child’s parents if 1) both parents are not going on the flight or 2) someone other than the child’s parents is the responsible adult.  To be safe, I would have this letter of consent notarized.  I flew with Timmy to Stockholm, Sweden in January 2017 and didn’t have a letter of consent, but it would have been safer if we had one.

For full details, you can visit the SAS Kids Fly Free promotion website.

Sample flight using SAS Kids Fly Free promotion

I looked at a sample flight from Los Angeles to Stockholm in November 2017 using SAS Go Saver fares and the total taxes per child was only $51.09!  What an amazing deal!!!

SAS Kids Fly Free promotion LAX to ARN November 2017
Sample fare for adult and 8 children from LAX to Stockholm.

Dad Says

Traveling with kids is a memorable experience.  And with promotions like this SAS Kids Fly Free, it makes exploring the world much more affordable!  I don’t recommend taking 8 kids by yourself, but you certainly can.

Will you be taking advantage of this promotion?

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